Who pays?

Free for consumers, family, friends and volunteers

Service providers who benefit financially through using LivBetter pay a small fee, payable only when their service is arranged. This is what makes LivBetter sustainable.

Using LivBetter

You can use LivBetter free of charge to arrange support for yourself or a loved one, offer support, or publish your support offering – as a volunteer or as a service provider.

When you arrange paid support from a service provider, you will be required to pay the service provider directly for their support services.

As a service provider you can publish your support offerings and offer paid support, at no cost. When your offer for paid support is accepted you will pay LivBetter a small fee. This fee is for gaining a financial benefit from using LivBetter.

Paying service providers for their services

If you organise a support activities with a professional service provider, you pay the service provider directly (as with all normal provider transactions).

When making a Specific Offer in response to your request, the Service Provider will let you know the total cost of that activity. If you accept their Offer, you are contracted to pay the amount specified.

In some cases there are subsidised or concessional arrangements available. In this case the Service Provider will let you know that they are offering a Subsidised Arrangement, and the contribution you will have to pay. Again, if you accept their offer, you have contracted to pay the amount specified.

Service Providers: LivBetter Fees

LivBetter charges a percentage-based fee on transactions for paid support activities and a flat fee for concessional or subsidised arrangements. In addition, there is a processing charge of $0.30 for each transaction to cover third party costs. Fees and charges are outlined in the table below.

New Client Set Up Fee: When a new client is first introduced to a service provider through the LivBetter system the service provider pays a New Client Set Up Fee. The fee is debited from the service provider’s account when the client accepts their specific offer. No subsequent requests from this client incur this fee.

Commission: The service provider pays the Commission on every support activity arranged through the LivBetter system. On the first occasion of an activity, the Commission is debited from the service provider’s account when the client accepts their specific offer. On subsequent, re-occurring activities the Commission is debited on the scheduled date of each support activity.

Processing Charge: This charge is incurred on each financial transaction to cover third party financial and administration costs that have to be paid by LivBetter.

Commissions (Paid service providers only)
Paid support Subsidised arrangements
New client set up fee (once off): 8% $8.00
Commission: 2% $2.00
Processing charge (on total transaction): +$0.30 +$0.30

When are fees paid?

Fees are payable when a service offer is accepted i.e. only when providers get business, NOT for the offers they make. Hence this is a cost-effective way of promoting a service.
On the first occasion of a support activity, fees are debited when the client accepts the service offer. For subsequent, re-occurring services, the fees are debited on the scheduled date of each service activity.

How are fees paid?

LivBetter uses PayPal for its financial transactions.  PayPal is an internationally secure financial transaction processing system.

Service providers need to have a PayPal account, from which the appropriate fees and charges can be debited.  This means there is no need to share your financial information with LivBetter.

Providers can choose to run a balance in their PayPal account or link your account to a credit or debit card with a pre-approval arrangement.

A PayPal account is free to service providers.  PayPal’s fees are taken from the transaction amount received by LivBetter.

Setting up a PayPal account

Setting up an account with PayPal is quick and easy.  After registering with LivBetter, service providers will be guided through the process when they first make a service offering.