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Living Better Conversation



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How do we want to live for the rest of our lives?

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Make it Easier for Family and Friends

RAND Corporation: “Cost of Informal Caregiving for U.S. Elderly Is US$522 Billion” A report by the RAND Corporation published in Health Services Research, June 2015, found that: Informal (unpaid) caregiving by family members and friends is the primary source of long-term eldercare in the United States. Family members and friends spend an estimated 30 billion hours each …


Social activity is beneficial as we grow older

Social activity is part of the human condition, and it can also help you live better.  Here is a review of a book that explores this in more detail. One of the author’s conclusions is that: “People with active social lives have higher cancer survival rates than people who are isolated.”  Should we all start partying? …

We're living longer, can we also live better?

Launching a Living Better Conversation

Today we’re launching a living better conversation which is important for us, and might also be for you. Baby boomers have observed the ageing of their parents. Many of us are also confronting our own ageing. Many of us do not want the experience of our parents, and few want to end up in a …

Nursing home question

The Nursing Home Question

Navigating aged care Most who have been exposed to the aged care system will tell you that it is a challenging experience.  And the nursing home question – finding and funding the right care for older relatives – often ends up as the solution. A recent Financial Review article (How to navigate the aged care maze ) clearly illustrates …

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Technology to live better

Technology to live better as we live longer

Role of technology This post discusses whether emerging technology can help us to live better, as we live longer. Even with disabilities and health conditions that restrict or limit our daily activities, more than 90% of people over 75 years still live in their own homes and will continue to do so into very old age. …

Embracing the future, together.

Create the New Old Age Together

This is the 2nd introduction to the Living Better Conversation where we suggest that we have an opportunity to create the new old age together.  We’re living longer, let’s also live better! Want to live in a nursing home for the rest of your life? How many articles have you read that predict increasing demand for care and estimate …

The New Old Age

Create The New Old Age

This is the first post to introduce the Living Better Conversation.  We’re living longer, can we also live better?   For those of us who want to continue living independently at home, we suggest that we need to change our thinking to create the New Old Age. What’s the problem? Many commentators have described Australia’s …

Living better question

Better Questions

What if?

Can we learn to live without nursing homes? How? What if an entire city adopted a community-based approach to supporting mature people and their families, could this community live without nursing homes?  What would such a community look like?  Is it possible?  Why isn’t this sort of conversation happening more widely? Dr Bill Thomas is a leader in advocating for a new approach to …


On donations

“Money makes the world go round”.  That seems true when it comes to providing support for older folk, and with service provider organisations in the aged care sector.  The competition for limited dollars extends into the donations area, where organisation compete for scarce dollars available. Many organisations ask: “How do we attract donations to our organisation rather …


On policies

Organisations and governments spend a lot of time formulating and applying policy. Does this create value for our future?   Maybe we could think differently about using policies that will help us in living better? Instead of using policies to: “Hold employees and service providers accountable and to safeguard organisations and care recipients”  Maybe we could consider: In our …


On volunteering

The implicit question is: How can we use volunteers to stretch our resources? What if we asked this question differently: “If we could engage people to a common purpose, what would be possible, not just for us, but for them?” “Who else cares about what we care about?” “What can we do together that none of us could do on our own?”

Living better options

The living better question

If we ask: “What kind of nursing home is best for mum?”, we are guaranteed to go down the path of getting mum into a nursing home! Maybe a more useful question might be: “How does mum want to live as she grows older?” That might open up a whole new range of possibilities for …


Living better conversation

Getting the most out of the conversation.

Please note that there is a delay before comments are published.

Why discuss living better?

Many commentators have identified that we are living longer. But are we going to live well? Is there anything we can do about how we live – do we actually have choices? And what do we regards as a good life as we grow older? This is why we need to discuss living better? Most of …


Gives and gets

This post describes what participants receive and what they contribute. These are the gives and gets! The LivBetter Group Pty Ltd is the publisher of this website. We commit to create, lead and moderate an online conversation to discuss what we want as we grow old (and what we don’t want). This is what you …


Guiding principles:

1. Respect other’s opinions and differences.
2. Debate issues not the person.
3. State your interest/s.
4. Make your thinking visible.
5. Learn from each other.

By understanding different perspectives we all can make better decisions.

We reserve the right to not publish content that we deem unacceptable.

Taking responsibility

Topics to discuss

This posts lists the topics to discuss in the Living Better Conversation. The conversation is aimed at people interested in continuing to live independently at home. It is about what we can do for ourselves. We want to discuss what each of us can do to live the life we want as we grow older. This …


Not discussed

This post highlights the topics that are not discussed in the Living Better Conversation. We are NOT discussing what others should or could be doing for us. Such discussion belongs in the many forums about entitlement and welfare. This is also not the forum to discuss health care, aged care or anti-ageing treatments or products – …