What is LivBetter?

LivBetter is an online marketplace for support and care. A place where family, friends, volunteers and service providers can connect, support each other and share the care. LivBetter makes it easy to arrange and offer the support needed.
LivBetter Marketplace

We welcome your feedback. If you like what we are trying to do please tell others about us. If you have suggestions to improve LivBetter please tell us at info@livbetter.net.au. Thank you.

Why did we create LivBetter?

The Pain Point

As we confront ageing and disability, most of us worry about:

  • Losing our independence, dignity and control;
  • Not being able to do what we want, how we want;
  • Becoming a burden on our families and society; and
  • Having to leave our homes because the care load falls unsustainably on one person.

Around the world current support systems do not meet the needs, expectations and aspirations of disabled people or of the next generation of retirees – the baby boomers.

Something has to change …

Now there’s LivBetter

With LivBetter we aim to make it easy for anybody to:

  • Make a difference at any age by helping others;
  • ¬†Organise the support we need to live at home, longer;
  • ¬†Share the care and tap into the goodwill and resources of family, friends and our local community; and
  • Build supportive communities; better places to grow up and grow old.

LivBetter encourages independence and self-reliance.